• Dear Dileep.

      Thanks for visiting the site… when ever i am planning a new event i will update the same in events page in the site…. U can follow the site for knowing about future trek/trips. I may be getting quite a few inquiries and may not be able to contact back every one… Please call me in 9745112411 or mail me at rakeshgetsmail@gmail.com if you wish to join for that trip… will definitely join for future trips/treks

    • Thanks Girish !!! Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I have given it to my support team. Will get this rectified soon.

      Once again Thanks

  1. Hi Rakesh, Great Info.
    I just moved to Trivandrum from Bangalore and am looking for things to do during weekends.
    Is there a mailing list or forum where I can know when is the next event? I would like to join you guys the next time. Do keep me posted if possible.


    • Dear Shekhar… most of the treks are done unplanned nowadays :) invited by some other groups.. My preplanned travels are updated in the events page you can check it when you get time.. If you are interested to join the event please call back…

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    Its good to see that you are very enthusiastic in exploring many places. very informative for riders like me. May be you have visited Marmala Waterfalls ( Very less known ) and Illikkal kallu near Kottayam. Just waiting for your comments on that places if you have visited. I had been there once and it was really enjoyable.. :)

    • Hi Robin…

      To correct… I am Rakesh…I have visited Marmala falls twice but unfortunately I couldnt pen it down till the time as i am a bit tied up lately and more lazy than never… marmala and Illikkal kallu are now being frequented by visitors(especially Illikkal kallu has become a worst crowded place nowadays)… last December I visited Illikkal kallu and more than a year before I rode to marmala falls…

    • Hi Vijay

      We will be having events in July also. For now we have planned one event for July. That is Kolukkumala-Kurangini-Top station trekking. It will be a two day trek and we expect rain as it is Monsoon in Kerala. A kind of Monsoon trek. You may please notify me if you are interested to join and please let me know how many people would be joining you or it is only you. I will contact you or else please connect with me in 9745112411

  3. Hi Rakesh, i would like to know about any trekking comming up in the comming months. i would love to join the trekk.

  4. Hi Rakesh,

    I am from Kerala but living in Bangalore. Would be interested in joining some of your trips. Could you let me know some upcoming trips. My number is 9591473054


    • Hi Subramanyan

      Your number is saved to my watsapp contacts. will start sending Upcoming event details with you from now onwards.

  5. I am from madurai. Would be interested in joining some of your trips. Could you let me know some upcoming trips. My number is 8072865078 . sivaraman


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