Muthukora Trekking

Muthukora Trekking


The very next day after the Thoniyamkadu trekking, out of the 18 participants very few were responsive about the Muthukora trek. Some people where ready to do that, some were completely taken a back and was clear that they don’t want to do it and some were on the border line. I was able to push some of them into the ready to do list. So did I. The night was cozy and warm. People started walking up early in the morning and some of them took a walk around the farm.

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The breakfast was ready by 7.30 and we were planning to leave for Muthukora before 8 am. After the breakfast we started by 8.30 am through the bushy backyards of camp site later entering into the rubber plantations and finally into the trail which leads to Muthukora hills. The trail vanishes into the thickets after some time and then we have to make our own way inside the grasses and then a little bouldering. Only seven of them made it for the second day and hence we planned it like a half day trek instead of a full day trek. We were planning to climb the Muthukora through the steeper side and getting back on the same route unlike the normal times.

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Crossing the abandoned bungalow on the way we entered into the grasslands very fast. Muthukora was visible from here itself. The sharp edge of the peak was seen formidable in the near surroundings. Though the peak looks grassy it is fully paved with lot of boulders and some places are really tricky enough to give challenges. From the base of the first hill actually we traverse through a small ridge across the peak to reach the middle portion and then climb the hill.

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The ridge is visible from the peak once we take a look back. There was intermittent rain for past two day. It rained last night also. The grass were little green but was very short which made it easy for us to traverse the imaginary trail. I remember the first time I went this way long back with Manoj, The grass growth was above our head and the trail was literally difficult due to the undergrowth. Most of the time we were crawling inside thick grasses.  Once we reached the rocky patches we slowed down as the bouldering was tricky in most places.

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The day has begun and the sun was milking our juices already. We took some small breaks in between. As it was a compact team it was easy for us to manage.  If all the people would have joined it would have been a tough job for me and Manoj. We helped each other to crawl over the steep rocks and bushes. The day was very clear and we could see the whole of the valley from the base of Muthukora where the ridge joined the peak.

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The actual ascend of this trek starts from this place. There are no visible trails, only rocks paved back and forth. Some of them huge enough to create trouble.  From the ridge to the peak it’s hardly an hours trek in the medium pace. Though the distance is very less the terrain make it so far from the reach of the climbers. We were not busy at all and we had all the time till noon to reach back to the camp. There were photo sessions in between and elaborate stops to capture the nature at its best. It was always fun to look back at the ridge which we crossed.

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People wondered at the face structure near to the top as I wondered seeing it for the first time. We could see a jeep trail back in the valley very clearly. Manoj said it leads to some private properties. By 11 am we reached the top of the peak and took a long break there. The view was really good. There was a little bit of mist scattered around and that made the longer views difficult. After a long gap it was time to leave. The Sun was becoming merciless and we had to get down.

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Unlike other terrains getting down will also cost us the same time as we cannot run down through the boulders. In fact we took more time to cover the steepy rocky patches than we took to climb it. One of the team mates suffered an angle pain and hence we aligned to the speed of her making it a soft and slow trek. But we were comfortable enough. By 1 pm we reached back to our base camp and it was packing time. The jeeps came at sharp timing and we were picked up. I joined Manoj and we reached Yenthayar in 1 hour. It was time to say good bye to the group. Everyone shared the joy from the bottom of their heart and there is nothing more I could ask as the organizer of the event. The smile at their faces is the greatest remuneration I could ask for.


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